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“Farm animal welfare requirements - Waterfowl” Group Standard Officially Issued
2020.07.29 CFDIACFDIA

On January 18, 2020, the Group Standard T/CAI 001-2019  “Farm animal welfare requirements - Waterfowl” was approved and issued by China Association for the Promotion of International Agriculture Cooperation (CAPIAC) and has been formally implemented since February 1, 2020.

This standard is under the jurisdiction of CAPIAC and proposed by China Feather and Down Industrial Association (CFDIA). The drafting units cover the three largest domestic waterfowl breeding enterprises, three livestock and poultry scientific research academies, international animal welfare institutions and industrial associations, and several of well-known down enterprises.

Since the formulation of the standard started in February 2019, it has been finally formed after many seminars and approval meetings and repeated discussions by experts and enterprises. The standard is based on the five basic principles of animal welfare recognized internationally and stipulates 9 requirements including the source of animals, feeding and water drinking, breeding environment, breeding management, animals health, transportation, humane slaughtering, down collection, recording and traceability. It fully considers the actual situation of farm animal breeding and industrial development in China, and is applicable to the situation of waterfowl breeding in China.

The issue and implementation of the group stander has filled in the blank of waterfowl welfare standard in China, made important contributions to the overall improvement of animal welfare, has far-reaching significance for the social responsibility construction, healthy and stable development of down industry, and will also set stable foundation for the construction of down industry traceability system.

Link for standard download: