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D&F News in MAY
2022.06.01 CFDIACFDIA

The Result Release of 2021 Down Testing Technique Comparison Test

On 11th May, CFDIA released the result of 2021 Down Testing Technique Comparison Test. 27 third party labs and 4 company labs obtain the satisfied result for all comparison items.

In order to unify down testing technique, narrow testing deviation, enhance testing ability of the lab and reduce the effect to down industry caused by deviation, CFDIA organized the down testing technique comparison test during AUG-SEP 2021.In total 75 labs attended the comparison test, among them, 60 labs were from third party, and 15 were from companies. The Top Ten third party labs have been awarded the title of “CFDIA Certified Lab".

The comparison items includes:

A. Routine 6 Tests of IDFB Testing Regulations 2020: adopt IDFB TR 2020 to test: Down Cluster Content, Fill Power, Turbidity, Oxygen Number, Fat & Oil Content, and Species.

B. Single Test of National Standard for Fill Power: adopt test methods from GB/T 10288 Down and feather and GB/T 14272 Down garments to test Fill power.

31 labs obtain satisfied results of all comparison items. CFDIA recommends Stat Administration for Market Regulation, General Administration of Customs, Consumers Associations and Online and Offline Main Sales Platforms, the certified labs.

Export& Import


During JAN-APR, China down industry total export amount was about 730 million USD, with 19.5% year-on-year increase. The export amount of all categories had different increase respectively. In APR, the total export amount was 200 million USD, with 18.2% year-on-year increase.


During JAN-APR, China down industry total import amount was about 130 million USD, with 16.5% year-on-year decrease. Except bedding, other categories suffered different decrease respectively. In APR, the total import amount was 23.187 million USD, with 18.2% year-on-year increase.

Member Companies

Henan Huaying Agriculture Development Co., Ltd.

On 23th May, Mr. Xu Shuijun was unanimously elected as the Chairman and General Manager of Henan Huaying Agriculture Development Co., Ltd.

It is reported that in the next three years, Huaying will be based on the duck industry, focus on the development of down and cooked food, further enhance the overall strength and competitiveness, and achieve high-quality development.


Recently, ERAL FASHION held 2022 autumn-winter lording meeting. Their new products meet the requirement from young consumers and camping life style, including skiing outdoor and flexible and practical light weight down.

YayaCo., Ltd.

On 24th May, Yaya held 2022 brand strategy upgrading conference, and released the new brand strategy. Yaya will also focus on 3 enhancements: 1. Practice brand digital reformation, 2. Establish cloud warehouse logistics system. 3. Upgrade quality control system.

Fangxiang Down Products Co., Ltd.

RCEP(Comprehensive Economic Partnership) to Myanmar has taken into effect since the beginning of May. Xuancheng Customs issued the first certificate of origin of Myanmar export under RCEP forFangxiang company. The good of the CO was 92000 USD.

Liuqiao Group Co., Ltd.

Jilin Liuqiao Feather Co., Ltd. is located in Nong 'an Economic Development Zone, Changchun City, Jinlin province. The company invested RMB 450 million to construct the goose slaughtering and feather sorting project, which can achieve annual sales of 1 billion RMB and increase farmers' income by more than 200 million RMB after putting into operation. At present, the main project of goose slaughterhouse and the down processing plant have been completed.

Industry Clusters

During JAN-APR, the proportion of down and product industry in Puyang City, Henan Province obviously increased 231% on a year-on-year basis.

The construction of white goose breeding farm in Shulan City, Jinlin City, Jinlin Province is accelerating. As the key project for high quality and rapid development of white goose industry, after the completion, it is expected to slaughter 30 million white geese annually, and build an industrial chain integrating white goose breeding, slaughtering and processing, goose down and product production.

Gongqingcheng City, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province highly focuses on the upgrading development of down industry. According to the data, in last year the sales volume of Gongqingcheng down garment was 53 million pcs, the textile garment companies over designated scale was more than 100 and achieved 28.7 billion RMB.