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D&F Weekly News 6.6-6.10
2022.06.15 CFDIACFDIA


2022 IDFB Plenary Meeting Convoked

2022 IDFB plenary meeting was held successfully in Toronto, Canada on 6th - 8th JUN. This time IDFB adopted the hybrid meeting (online + offline), about 100 representatives from all over the world attended the gathering. IDFB Vice President Madam Yao Xiaoman attended the virtual meeting, 64 representatives from key member companies: Bosideng, Samsung Down, Liuqiao Group, and Donglong Textile, testing labs and member companies attended the online meeting, participating in the IDFB works, fulfill their duties, offer suggestions and contribute Chinese wisdom.

2022 Down Testing Technique Comparison

In order to unify down testing technique, narrow testing deviation, enhance the all over testing ability of down industry, CFDIA has released the notice of 2022 Down Testing Technique Comparison work at the time of official carrying out of new version GB/T 14272 Down garments standard and imminent release of QB/T 1193 Down and feather quilts standard. Third party testing labs and company labs which own qualification are welcomed to participate.

Enterprise Credit Evaluation (ECE) of China D&F Industry 2022

Enterprise Credit Evaluation (ECE) of China D&F Industry 2022 has been started.

In order to accelerate the construction of industry credit system and improve the evaluation machinery, CFDIA has decided to carry out enterprise credit evaluation for the whole China down industry since 2020. Down and feather processing enterprises, down garment, down bedding and other industry-related enterprises can participate in the credit rating evaluation.

Industry Cluster

During JAN-APR, in Wucheng Town, Wuwei City, Wuhu City, Anhui Province, the industrial output of companies over designated scale was 1.087 billion USD, with 1% year-on-year decrease. Among all industrial categories, down and feather companies completed the output value of 915 million RMB, with 2% year-on-year increase. At present, Wucheng town owns 29 companies over designated scale and 20 of them are down and feather companies.