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D&F Weekly News 6.13-6.17
2022.06.28 CFDIACFDIA

Industry Cluster

The re-evaluation meeting for Well-known Feather and Down Town of China · Shanyang Town was held.

On 21th June, China National Light Industry Council and CFDIA jointly held the re-evaluation meeting for “Well-Known Feather and Down Town Of China · Shanyang Town”.

The down and feather industry in Shangyang Town, Baoying County, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province has made great progress. Shanyang also integrates production factors, strengthens cluster construction, and constantly improves the competitiveness of down industry, showing regional economic advantages of down industry.

After careful discussion, the expert panel believed that Shanyang government attaches importance to the development of down industry, and Shanyang town has made certain achievements in industrial scale, industrial layout, brand construction, public service platform construction and other aspects.

The expert panel agreed to pass the re-evaluation. The re-evaluation proposal has been submitted to the China National Light Industry Council for final approval.

Heilongjiang Province will strive to develop “Goose Economy” and establish a whole industrial chain of down products processing

Based on the market demand and advantage characteristics of the province, Heilongjiang will develop the further processing of goose down and change traditional breeding method and establish a whole industry chain development mode. By year 2025, the slaughter volume of commercial goose in Heilongjiang province will be over 50 million head. And the operation revenue of goose industry will be over 10 billion RMB.

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2021 MAY vs 2022 MAY

2021 JAN-MAY vs 2022 JAN-MAY


2021 MAY vs 2022 MAY

2021 JAN-MAY vs 2022 JAN-MAY

Member Company


On 23th JUNE, BOSIDENG released the annual report of 2021-2022 fiscal year. Both revenue and net income have achieved a historical new high for 5 consecutive years.

The revenue of garment brand business achieved 13.22 billion RMB with 21.4 year-on-year increase. The income of BOSIDENG brand achieved 11.62 billion RMB with 16.3%. The compound annual growth rate has achieved 23.4%, a historical new high for 5 consecutive years.