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Natural & Environmentally Friendly
2015.02.02 IDFBIDFB

Down and feather is the environmentally friendly choice for bedding, apparel and outdoor gear. It

• Is biodegradable – As a natural product it decomposes and goes back to the earth;

Conserves resources – As a by-product of the food industry, no resources are going to waste, and no byproducts are being put into landfills;

• Is renewable – Synthetic fill materials are often composed of non-renewable resources like oil, whereas down and feathers are renewable resources.

Overall, down and feather products require a lower carbon footprint to produce than synthetics.


  • Because down and feather is nature’s best insulator, down and feather comforters provide sleepers with the added warmth necessary to significantly turn down their thermostats at night, thereby saving on energy bills.
  • Down and feather is long lasting and only needs to be fluffed up to keep its loft and its insulating ability for bedding, apparel and sleeping bags does not diminish.