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With the publishing and implementation of T/CAI 001-2019 Farm Animal Welfare Requirements – Waterfowl, China down industry has put forward higher goals and requirements for waterfowl animal welfare. In order to promote the effective practice of waterfowl animal protection measures of down industry, since 1st JAN 2021, China Feather and Down Industrial Association has organized to sign the Waterfowl Animal Welfare Commitment and implemented Regulations for Waterfowl Animal Welfare of China Down and Feather Industry. Based on the principles of effective practice, honesty, self-discipline, and openness & justice, CFDIA will establish two registration lists of committed down companies and animal welfare farms respectively, as the main body responsible for implementing commitments.


Committed companies shall bear following obligations:

1. With the goal of promoting waterfowl animal welfare protection, actively advocate and carry out T/CAI 001-2019 Farm Animal Welfare Requirements – Waterfowl, require the breeders and farmers to prevent animal abuse behaviors such as live-plucking or force-feeding.

2. Establish down and feather traceability recording system, record the source and transfer information of raw material on the transaction documents such as (contract, invoice, and receipts), ensure the clarity and integrity of the supply chain information.

3. Produce and sell down and feather products fulfilled animal welfare, clearly indicate this on the company rules, production regulations and other related rules.

4. If the recorded information of source breeders and farmers has any change, the company should notice CFDIA and make update.

5. Agree to be supervised and aperiodic inspection by CFDIA.