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D&F Weekly News 8.9-13
2021.08.16 CFDIACFDIA


According to the statistic from the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China (GACC), in the first half of 2021, China down industry achieved a total export amount of 1.149 billion USD, with 25.49% year on year growth. Export amounts for 4 categories: raw material, garment, bedding, and sleeping bag had different growth respectively.


Waterfowl Breeding

In 2020, although China waterfowl breeding industry suffered negative influence from the epidemic situation, the total slaughter volume still ranked the first place of the world. According to 2019 Annual Report on Development of Poultry Industry in China, issue by China Animal Agriculture Association, in 2020, the total slaughter volume of Baiyu Meat Duck (Cherry Valley Duck), Museovy Duck, Spent Layer Duck and Partridge Duck was 4.95 billion head, with 0.98% year on year decline. On the basis of industrial development trend, in 2020, the breeding volume of China goose was near 315 million head, its slaughter volume was about 689 million head, in comparison, 2020 slaughter volume of goose kept the same level with 2019.


Industrial Cluster

Recently, the Ministry of Commerce has released the Assessment and Recognition List of National Foreign Trade Transformation and Upgrading Base in 2021. Xuancheng Xintang Down Industrial Park, Anhui Province has been recognized as the new base. Two old bases, Lu’an, Anhui Province and Taiqian County, Puyang, Henan Province have passed the assessment.