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D&F Weekly News 5.2-5.6
2022.05.11 CFDIACFDIA

Industry news

Recently, Taiwan Feather Exporters' Association (TFEA) sent a letter to CFDIA and reported the election result of its 28th Council. Mr. Ho Po (Hebert) Chan, President of KWONG LUNG ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. is elected as the new Chairman of TFEA. Madam Yao Xiaoman, Chairwoman of CFDIA, writes back to congratulate Chairman Chan on his election, and hopes that both sides could continue to strengthen communication and jointly promote the cooperation and healthy development of down industry.

Taiwan region is one of the main raw material export areas for China mainland. In 2021, China mainland exported 1675 tons of raw material to Taiwan region, which accounted for 3.7% of the total raw material export volume of China mainland. The export amount was 71.77 million USD, which accounted for 9.9% of the total raw material export amount of China mainland.


Member Company

On 29th APR, Canasin high quality down and feather products project was started to construct in Huai’an District, Huai’an City, Jiangsu Province.

It is reported that, Canasin Textile Group has invested 250 million RMB to this high quality down and feather project which covers an area of about 10 acre. After the completion, the annual output of high quality down and feather pillow, quilt, mattress and etc will reach 30000 tons. And annual sales amount will be over 200 million RMB.

This project is an important milestone of the down textile industry, one of the leading industries in Huai’an District. It will further extend the industry chain of the down industry in Huai’an District, promote the development of the down industry to the brand making and high-end, and play a positive role in promoting the market competitiveness, technological innovation and brand influence of the down industry in Huai’an District.