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D&F Weekly News 1.9-1.13
2023.01.17 CFDIACFDIA

Industry Standard

The standard T/CFDIA 003-2019 Glue Down Evaluation developed by CFDIA, was selected as the 2022 demonstration project of group standard application by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Member Company

Anhui Huajun Feather and Down Products Co., Ltd.

On JAN 9, Anhui Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology announced that 522 enterprises, such as Anhui Huajun Down Products Co., Ltd, were selected for 2022 specialization,refinement,differentiation,and innovation of small and medium enterprises.

Henan Pengda Down Product Co., Ltd.

Henan Pengda Down Product Co., Ltd. was selected into the Provincial key leading enterprises list of Henan agricultural industrialization.