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D&F Weekly News 7.25-7.29
2022.08.02 CFDIACFDIA

Member Company

On 26th July, 2022 World Brand Summit was held in Beijing and released the list of China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands (from World Brand Lab). BOSIDENG (brand value 38.623 billion RMB), LUOLAI (brand value 20.553 billion RMB), ERAL (brand value 11.321 billion RMB) and Mendale (brand value 10.553 billion RMB) were selected into the list.

Industry Cluster

Wucheng Town

The down and feather companies over designed-scale in Wucheng Town, Wuwei City, Wuhui City, Anhui Province completed the output value of 1.402 million RMB, with 1% year-on-year increase, in the first half of 2022. Currently, Wuwei Town owns 20 D&F companies over designed-scale.

Taiqian County

Taiqian County, Puyang City, Henan Province is the Feather and Down Town of China. The county will analyze and locate the key issue of the development of down industry, and find out self-advantages and the trend of industry development, achieving the transformation upgrade from raw material to end consumption goods. Meanwhile, the county will establish down and garment processing industry park, create down testing lab and trade center. Prepare competitive advantages for transformation development.