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D&F Weekly News 8.29-9.2
2022.09.08 CFDIACFDIA

Policy and regulation: Notice of the Importation Quarantine Measure Adjustment to Washed Down and Feather Conducted by China Customs

Recently, General Administration of Customs of the P. R. China (GACC) has issued the notice which adjusts the importation quarantine measure to washed down and feather. CFDIA held an explanation on 30th August, unscrambling the new policy to member companies.

Main change:

The testing to washed down and feather will follow GB/T 17685-2016 Down and Feather, but the judgment standard for qualification is adjusted to: Turbidity 50mm (no oxygen number test required).

If the turbidity testing get a failed result, the sample of down and feather needs to have a test for Avian Influenza.

1. For positive result, the batch will be returned or destroyed.

2. For negative result, on the basis of actual situation of the port and company’s willingness, the batch can be released after having effective fumigation treatment or thorough water washing in specific down and feather processing company.


Please find the detailed information in below link:


Member Companies

The Series Lists of Shanghai Top 100 Companies was released on 30th AUG. Shanghai Shuixing Home Textile Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Donglong Textile Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. were selected into the lists.


Industry Cluster

Cheqiao Town, Huai’an District, Huai’an City, Jiangsu Province

Huai'an down Textile Industrial Park is located in the Industrial Park of Cheqiao Town, with a planned land area of about 4920 mu. Cheqiao Town officially launched the down textile Industrial Park project since 2020. The down textile Industrial Park is an important base for the revitalization of the down textile industry in Huai'an. The district will attach great importance to the construction of the industrial park, improve the quality of the industrial park with high standards, and make the traditional down industry in Huai'an District better and bigger.



In late Aug, many places in China have significant temperature drop. Consumers’ demand for autumn clothing, warm clothing has entered the outbreak period. Lightweight down garment will come into the market soon.