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D&F Weekly News 9.5-9.9
2022.09.14 CFDIACFDIA

Member Company

Bosideng Down Wear Co., Ltd.

On 5th Sep, the People’s Government of Jiangsu Province commended the companies, organizations and individuals who made outstanding contributions in the field of charity.  Bosideng Down Wear Co., Ltd. and Bosideng Foundation were awarded “Jiangsu Charity Prize”.


Industry Cluster

Gangnan District, Guigang City, Guangxi Province

Gangnan down industry has long history, good foundation, good reputation and influence at home and abroad. At present, the down industry is also facing common problems encountered in the transformation and upgrading of industrial economy, such as extensive development mode and weak innovation competitiveness. Gangnan District will face up to the problem, make good use of policies and geographical advantages, seize opportunities, focus on industrial agglomeration and development, grow bigger and stronger at home, increase investment outside, do best to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of down industry. The District will fully support down industry development, improve the planning layout, clear development orientation, speed up to create China feather raw materials trading center, promote the completion feather industry chain, strengthen the innovation, enhance core competitiveness, become bigger and stronger do optimal feather industry and realize the feather industry transformation and upgrading, promote the high-quality development of Gangnan down industry.


Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province

Xiaoshan is the Feather and Down Capital of China, which has long history and good foundation. It has built a relatively complete industrial chain and formed an obvious industrial agglomeration effect. But in recent years, the down industry is generally faced with unreasonable industrial structure, weak brand awareness and other problems. Xiaoshan has carried out in-depth actions to improve the quality of down industry and comprehensively improved the ability and level of quality management, brand building and standard discourse power of down and products enterprises through innovative service mode.

The District has carried out 3 aspects works:

1. integrate superior resources to build a comprehensive "one-stop" service platform with down intelligent manufacturing.

2. strengthen the standard guidance, encourage companies to participate in the standardization work, with high standards to boost the down industry high-quality.

3. strengthen brand building and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the industry.

Liuqiao down, Samsung down & Hualong down have successfully achieved the "Zhejiang Made” quality certification.

In addition, since the down industry quality promotion work, in total 37 companies have carried out standard reaching work, led the formulation of 2 national standard, 3 industry standard, 4 "Made in Zhejiang" standard, obtained 3 "Zhejiang Made” certificates and created 5 CNAS labs.