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D&F Weekly News 12.26-12.30
2023.01.03 CFDIACFDIA

Industry Cluster

Gangnan District, Guigang City, Guangxi Province

In 2022, the main economic indicators of Gangnan District's industry were stable and improving, showing a good situation of sustained recovery and stabilization. From January to November, the total industrial output value of over designated scale company in Gangnan District was 32.338 billion yuan, with 13.2% year-on-year growth.

The industrial economy over designated scale in Gangnan District is mainly contributed by wood industry and down industry. Down industry mainly concentrated in Qiaoxu Town and Jiangnan Industrial Park. Now there are 145 down processing companies, including 51 companies over designated scale and more than 35000 employees. From January to November this year, the output value of the down industry of Gangnan reached 2.886 billion Yuan.

Market Trend

5 trends of domestic down garment market

With the upgrading of consumption and the rise of a new generation of consumers, more and more people will make choices based on quality, culture, value, design and other factors when they purchase down garments. Therefore, the domestic down jacket market presents five trends in the diversified development: lighting, easy matching, fashion, high-end and functionalization.