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CFDIA Fights Back the Untruthful Report of Outside Magazine
2015.03.02 CFDIAPeter Geng

On January 12th, 2015, Ms. Meaghen Brown, the assistant editor of Outside magazine, wrote an article titled “Does Your Down Puffy Have a Brutal Backstory? --New animal-welfare standards for down insulation aim to clean up a grisly business.”(link: This article was published on the website for Outside magazine and printed in the February edition of  Outside magazine. The original intent of Ms. Brown’s article is to advocate animal welfare protection, but several pieces of false information distort the true state of what has been presented in her article. And the judgment of her article, for example “down are sourced from live-plucking”, which has strong, negative emotional coloring inflicts a great harm to the image of China and even the global feather and down industry.

In order to protect the interest of our industry, Madam Yao Xiaoman, the chairwoman of China Feather and Down Industry Association, stands out and writes the letter of protest which strongly condemns and protests the irresponsible report of Ms. Meaghen Brown’s article. Madam Yao requires that Outside magazine has to explain Ms. Meaghen Brown’s article, take matter-of-fact action, and report the real facts in an objective and fair way. Meanwhile Outside magazine is asked to take corrective actions to eliminate the negative impact caused by Ms. Meaghen Brown’s article.