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List of Foregin Companies Approved by the China Customs for Exporting Washed Down and Feather (Update: 2023.11)
2022.08.31 CFDIACFDIA

For the 15 countries which have signed the bilateral agreement with China, only the listed companies can export washed down and feather material to China.The 15 countries are Italy, Thailand, Poland, Britain, Hungary, South Korea, New Zealand, Finland, Vietnam, France, Germany, Czech, Spain, Egypt and Russia. The list of companies are showed as below (Update: 2023.11):

At present, for the countries where bilateral agreement is not reached yet, the export of down and feather processing company to China is not restricted by the registration list temporarily, and the company can have customs clearance normally.

It is the general trend that China Customs regulates traditional trade and implements company registration system. So as not to affect the subsequent down and feather export to China, unregistered foreign down and feather processing companies should cooperate with the local agricultural management department, reach bilateral agreement and finish the registration as quickly as possible.