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CFDIA Emergency Notice
2016.05.28 CFDIACFDIA

All members,

Recently, a certain organization published the so-called “Down Facts Investigations” on its website, targeting to defame that China down industry is suspected of animal cruelty as well as call on the public to boycott down products.  After joint investigations with the companies involved, now we release the following information

1. The organization is suspected of inveiglement.  Since the beginning of this year, some individuals falsely claimed themselves as “foreign businessman” and contacted our member companies stating that they want to purchase live-plucked down. In order to accomplished the "business", several producers lied that they could supply live-plucked down even though knowing that they did not have such material at all. Therefore, they were entrapped by these “animal protection organization”.

2. The organization attempts to make malicious connection.The date and locations of videos and photos released from its published message cannot be traced or verified.  What’s more, the names of farms and the staff involved were also not reported.  It is only the one-sided words from “Farm Manager” which makes pointed allusions to that live-plucked down has been circulated to certain down company and then further sold to related foreign factories and brands.  Before the investigation was released, a down company was complained by this organization, saying that the company has collaborated with one certain farm which caused cruelty to animals.  However, the people from the two sides did not know each other at all. Consequently it was impossible to have any business between them.

3. By visiting the official website of the organization, we find the left side of the page is full of investigations on cruelty to different kinds of animals. But the prominent “Donate Now” at the right side let us cannot refrain from suspecting that the organization attempts to use the despicable means of inveiglement and making malicious connections to catch the eyes of the public with the aim to obtain ill-gotten gains.

4. We hope our members keep their promise, and actively join the ranks of animal protection, do not purchase, produce or sell live-plucked down. Meanwhile, members should have senses of self-protection and always be on high alert, do not be entrapped by the pretended “foreign businessman” from animal protection organizations. Companies which have high-end goose down production should especially have more attention.

To clarify the real facts, China Feather and Down Industrial Association (CFDIA) states as following.

1.The Origin and Current Status of Live Plucking down

Originated from old customs in eastern European countries, live plucking aims to help goose moult during moulting season and is only suitable for rare and particular goose species. In 20th century, live plucking was introduced to China. However, because it goes against animal welfare and has high production cost, live plucking has never been commonly adopted by goose breeding farmers. Since 2009, aside from concerns raised by and supervision from animal protection organizations, China Feather and Down Industrial Association proposed for “the refusal of live poultry products” within the industry. As a result, live-plucked down no longer has its foothold in the China down industry.

2. The Industry’s Position.

CFDIA consistently advocates the protection of animal welfare, opposes animal abuse, and leads the China feather and down industry to fulfill its social responsibilities. Hundreds of enterprises have made solemn promises since 2009 when CFDIA appealed them to sign the Non Live Plucked Products Guarantee” and consciously resisted the purchase, process or sale of live plucked products.We welcome the supervision from society and the public, but do not allow any organization and individual to use deceptive means of entrapment or spread scary stories, misguide, or defame China down industry. Down and feather is the byproduct of goose and duck meat industry.  As the downstream industry of the breeding industry, we will actively participate in promoting the animal welfare legislation and regulating in breeding industry animal.

China Feather and Down Industrial Association

27th May, 2016